3 Easy Ways For Overcoming Challenges In Your Life

Charles Tabansi Dreamerspro Staff
March 18, 2019 in Managing Yourself

How many times did you fail in your career, love relationship, or personal life? What strategies did you develop for overcoming challenges in your life?

This may be a difficult subject for some to broach, however I believe that it’s important for people to understand what failure really means to them and discover possible strategies for overcoming obstacles and challenges in their lives.

One of the reasons people take failure so hard is influenced by numerous factors such as cultural expectations, economic pressure, family pressure and personal expectations that go unfulfilled.

In my work experience as an entrepreneur, I have had to deal with numerous setbacks on my way to achieve my goals. I have discovered that there is a plethora of strategies for overcoming challenges and succeed in areas that they never imagined possible before.

Here Are 3 Proven Ways For Overcoming Challenges In Your Life

1) Take A Step Back And Think

overcoming challenges think big

In most cases, when something goes wrong in our lives, the first impulse is to panic. The reason this happens is because our emotions begin to dominate our capacity to think rationally. In certain situations, for example, failing in an application for a promotion can cause some people to doubt their capabilities. In my experience as an entrepreneur, I have developed a coping mechanism for overcoming challenges and remain emotionally balanced in order to think clearly.

The first thing I do when I am faced with a perceived failure is to ask myself the question, “is there anything I can do right now to change this result”? Asking a question like this enables me to change my focus and marinate on my options.

By simply asking myself this question, it allows me to manage my emotions. Let me just say this, this is not an easy thing to do in the moment, but if you begin to apply this method, you will find that it will work wonders for you. And a benefit to mastering this skill is that it will help you improve your leadership skills because you will be able to make decisions under stress, an ability that is highly valued in the workplace.

Koby Bryant's Mentality For Overcoming Challenges

If  you want to discover how Koby Bryant overcame adversity in his basketball career then you need to watch the following video. 

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2) Redefine What Failure Means To You

overcoming challenges- redefine failure

This is an area that I have witnessed a lot of people struggle with. Most people live by the roles assigned to them by external influences such as their parents, culture and society. The problem with allowing other people to impose their expectations on you is that if you will always be looking for approval from others, instead of looking to yourself as a guiding compass. As an entrepreneur who has had to overcome negative assumptions that others have tried to apply to me, I have had to redefine what failure means to me.

For instance, any entrepreneur reading this will know that people who are constantly active will make a lot of mistakes and face many challenges on the path to becoming successful. Therefore, it was crucial that I made a distinction between failure and a mere setback. If I had not done this, I would constantly be feeling as though every obstacle represented a failure.

My advice to you is that you first define what success is for you, then after that define what you consider to be failure. This will help you remain emotionally balanced during difficult moments in life.

A Simple Method For Overcoming Challenges In Your Life

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3) Go Exercise

overcoming challenges- Go Exercise

I will touch on the topic of fitness more in depth in another article called, “How Running Made Me a Better Entrepreneur”. However, running is a great strategy for overcoming challenges and obstacles in your life.

One of the main reasons people feel overwhelmed with life obstacles is because they are not mentally strong. If you want to become mentally strong than you need to exercise. Exercise allows you to put yourself through intensive physical pain that will help you to become mentally and physically strong. 

Any business person reading this third step better listen up. Whenever you feel yourself being overcome with negative emotions or are performing badly at work, it means it time to go for a run. Or in other words, it’s time to step away from the desk and recharge your mind. I can tell you from personal experience how going for short runs or long walks was the key for overcoming challenges in my life. ​

I remember recently we were trying to develop an online automated training program for our customers and feeling overwhelmed the engineering aspect of the project. I felt as if I had no answer and our idea would never get off the ground. That is when I decided to go lift some weights at the gym, and as it turned out, I began to gain new insights to the problem because I had focused my physical energy on something else and ideas began to flow. It really works!

My advice to you is to try to understand that life is full of ups and downs. It’s par for the course. Try to recognize the patterns in your life and don’t allow a little thing like failure to turn you into an emotional wreck.

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