How To Be Open Minded While Living In Nigeria

Fisayomi Ajayi Contributor
February 28, 2019 in Managing Yourself

Living in Africa comes with its blessings and its challenges. Several developing countries in Africa do not have all the amenities and provisions that are readily available in developed nations. Therefore, if you ever visit Africa is important that you learn how to be open minded. 

Things to Be Open Minded About

Things to be open minded

Being open-minded is a valuable trait for anyone who wants to experience new and unexpected possibilities. I consider this lesson to be one of the most valuable lessons that can be learned in Nigeria, Africa. The terrain might hard-nosed for some, but keeping an open-mind affords you the opportunity to make the best of any current situation you might find yourself in. For a person who was born in the United States or anywhere else, Nigeria can seem to be overwhelming at first.

The culture is fast-paced and aggressive. The exposure to different people and situations would make you realize that things work differently here. An open mind allows you to meet new people, try new things and take risks if need be. Being open-minded about the people you meet, the business you conduct and the opportunities you have is essential.

In the following video I show you how I learned to be more open minded while living in a new country and how you can do the same.

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Why You Should Be Open Minded

Why you should be open minded

If you have had no prior experience with Nigeria or Nigerians, when you do have an encounter with them, you can either be easily intimidated or totally put off. Nigerians are also very aggressive when it comes to handling their businesses in comparison to a places around the world.

Being open-minded affords you the opportunity to participate in the frenzy without becoming exhausted or losing interest in the way the economy and business dealings work. Your willingness to understand how the system works gives you the opportunity to harness your negotiation skills, expand your taste for adventure, and explore new and different things.

Being open-minded also helps you learn the lessons that are inherent in any given situation. Open-mindedness teaches you to be appreciative of other people’s’ culture and lifestyle choices.

How To Be Open-Minded

How to be open minded

In Nigeria, business is all about the relationships you have with people. While this appears to be the case all over the world, Nigerians are more particular about who you know and how cordial your relations are with the people you intend to sell goods or services to. A bank loan has higher chances of being given to a person who is known to a member of the staff, than a total stranger. To be open-minded in a culture like Nigeria’s, you must be willing to take risks and explore situations that you might not necessarily have participated in under different circumstances.

Developing and cultivating relationships with diverse sets of people fosters continual mental growth. To be open-minded, ensure you give yourself room to grow and you do not hold on tight to static beliefs or traditions that might get in the way of your relationships. These relationships are essential in broadening the scope of your mind.

Open-mindedness presents sound opportunities to enjoy not only benefits from the commercial hub, but the social and cultural circles as well. Nigeria is a wonderful place to live in as long as you let yourself explore and access the myriad of opportunities that come your way.

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