How To Embrace Change As An Entrepreneur

Charles Tabansi Dreamerspro Staff
March 10, 2019 in Entrepreneurship

One of the hardest things in life is learning how to embrace change. For most of us out there, change can be a tough pill to swallow because it comes with uncertainty.

The unknown can be a scary place to venture into especially if the stakes are high. However, your ability to learn how to embrace change will work in your favour in an ever-changing world.

After spending the last three years or so of my life as a business person and entrepreneur, I’ve discovered that the thing that has been able to keep our business afloat is our ability and willingness to embrace change and recognise the moments where we need to pivot our business model and our way of thinking in order to succeed in the long-term.

I’ve been able to learn many valuable lessons along this wonderful journey of being an entrepreneur and I’m going to share some of the benefits of being a person that embrace change and make the appropriate adjustments as they arise.

1) A Million Ways To Skin A Cat

how to embrace change million ways to skin a cat

Most of us at one point or another have heard this phrase, for the readers that haven’t heard the phrase before, it simply means that there is more than one way to get the results you are looking for.

This is where a lot of us go wrong, we tend to become dogmatic and rigid in our thinking when it comes to the way we do things. This is primary due to that fact that we tend to believe that, “if it has worked for me in the past, why would I need to embrace change?”.

This thought process has led a lot of businesses that at one time were the dominant players in their industries to go in to bankruptcy or failure.

An example of this is Blockbuster (home movie renting company). At one point in time, Blockbuster had over ninety percent of the market share for movie rentals, but due to their willingness to embrace change, they quickly found themselves on the outside looking in and they were overtaken by Netflix which offered a better experience to customers.

Now Netflix is the world leader in movie rentals. If Blockbuster had been willing to entertain alternate forms of thought, they would still be an industry leader today. This is just one example out of many where businesses weren’t willing to accept the fact that there is a million ways to skin a cat.

2) Be Flexible

How to embrace change:

In order for us to learn how to embrace change, we need to first of all be flexible in our approach to life. In business, if you aren’t willing to keep an open mind at all times, you’ll surely miss out on big opportunities.

Over the past three years of being in business, our ability to embrace change d has been one of the major contributors to our success and growth as a business. One thing has always led to the next. We have learned to create various business models that have generated us revenue because of our ability to try new things. I’ll give you an example of what I mean.

At one point, we were committed to working with professionals and businesses. Then we decided to work with kids in high schools, that decision led us to starting an Ecommerce business. Had we not been flexible in our thinking, we would have been stuck in the thought process of believing that the best and only way to make money is to work with business professionals. Luckily, we were wise enough to recognize other opportunities. 

In the following video, I want to show you how you can learn to embrace change if you find yourself at a crossroad in your life where you are venturing into something new, like starting a new business, living in a new city or starting a new job.

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3) Think Out Of The Box

Finally, in order to put yourself in the position to embrace change, you will need some level of creativity. The most successful people out there are very creative because they understand the power of imagination.

If you can unleash your imagination, you will be amazed with the results. It takes courage and self-confidence to be imaginative. If you are able to make the mental leap, you will quickly discover that your opportunities are limitless.

Some of the greatest inventors and creatives have all had the ability to imagine. You must become child-like in your thinking. Children are the most resourceful people on earth because of their ability to imagine.

They don’t feel a sense of embarrassment as adults do, therefore they are able to take risks. So, my advice to you is to cultivate your imagination and rid yourself of self-doubt. Use your imagination and maximize your potential.  

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