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Why Diversity In The Workplace is Crucial For A Company’s Success
Nowadays, It’s hard not to think of diversity in the workplace, especially if you live in a metropolitan city. Diversity in the workplace can facilitate...
How To Deal With Rejection As An Entrepreneur
Being rejected hurts a lot. However, learning how to deal with rejection can mean the difference between success and failure. Rejection can be used to...
3 Amazing Benefits of Running For Entrepreneurs
You may be thinking; " Benefits of running for entrepreneurs? “what does running have to do with business”? One of the major benefits or running is that...
3 Listening Strategies To Become A Better Conversationalist
Have you ever wondered how you can become a better conversationalist? Here are 3 listening strategies to become a better listener.
Why A Lack of Self-Belief Can Cost You, Literally
The number one thing that holds many people back from reaching their potential is a lack of self-belief in their own abilities. Here are 3 tips that...
3 Easy Ways For Overcoming Challenges In Your Life
As an Entrepreneur, I have discovered that there is a plethora of strategies for overcoming challenges and succeed in areas that they never imagined possible before.

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How to Negotiate With A Billion Dollar Company

In today’s video, we’ll explore how any business owner can negotiate with a billion dollar company.

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